Surely we do Exist, I am experiencing something; there is a something reading these words!
For me, it is that we are Universal-consciousness (sorry, this is juts a description — but there is a something. )
“It’s not that we don’t exist; it’s that there’s no owner” a Buddhist lady once responded.

Meditation clears and simplifies me from all the shit; it’s not a re-arrangement of chairs on the deck; it is a clarification of experience.
It is incredible and momentous, which (these factors) render religions being formed, for good or ill…

Sure we are all conditioned to think there’s a ‘self’ separate from everything else; and we all act in ways that do not proof there is.
However, if I look at each being, each has its own unique characteristics while it is here, together ‘like that’, on earth. There is some legitimacy for personal identity to some extent at least.

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