Haha, no I cannot agree with you, or not as far as your words are concerned. Think you got it the wrong-way-around

Like ‘God’ or ‘Buddha-Nature’, Awareness or ‘consciousness’ is a name for what IS, but that still isn’t it because it is something you cannot objectify.

You say ‘ The illusion of individuality recasts all of what is apparently happening to be about the individual: I am inside this body experiencing or witnessing all of this as awareness or consciousness. When wholeness is contemplated from the perspective of separation, it can seem to be some kind of universal consciousness or awareness, but that is a projection of individuality onto it. In itself, wholeness is neither conscious nor aware.’

Firstly, for me and my self-evident experience (it might not be anyone e;se’s — but people have agreed with me, but anyway: ) Individuality is not an ‘illusion’.
But more centrally, the separate self is what is/imagines/dreams itself as outside Wholeness which is what ‘they’ mean by Consciousness… It is Just All one, and this One seems to have the attributes’ -for want of better.no words of being Existing-Aware-Whole-Happy-Peaceful-etc…, not as opposed to or having a background to anything, but something in itself.
If people project from their ‘individuality’ as you call it then it’s just a projection!

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